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Blue Velvet Dreams

I absolutely LOVE this time of year.
When the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the nights just long enough to become my own nocturnal wonderland. Where thoughts become ideas, ideas spring into action, and action creates the content you see here.

I had always treated the blog like a personal conversation I was having with like-minded friends. We have the same interests (otherwise why would you be here?), we LOVE fashion, LIVE for food, and crave good design like our lives depended on it (which mine actually does).


I wouldn’t share any of these issues on Facebook because I felt it “too” personal for such a social network. Which is preposterous because where FB is “private” and only seen by friends personally added by me, Haute Khuuture was 100% “public” but ironically where I felt my real friends went to get to know “me” better.

Does that make sense?


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You ALL know how to style a bomb ass blue velvet blazer, you don’t need me to tell ya how to do it! You’ve got MAD style in spades but you’re here because we’re friends <3 And friends tell each other wassup! Like where to score the best designer deals, where to shop my look, and seriously when to stop talking fashion and just BE ABOUT IT!


Soooo on this gloomy Monday evening, as I write from my desk, I’m following my intuition and going back to the beginning guys! Back to where I poured my guts out and gave you everything I was thinking and more. Back to where this blog was born with all that fun fab stuff mixed in.

The average person will skim through 500 words while reading a few.
Here, I’ve written just a bit over and hoping these images will inspire you to read a paragraph or two.

If not? No biggie.
Just scan the highlights and come back for the candor guys. I’m here all day.