Spotted: S & B…in Paree!!…

Pinch me cuz’ I must be dreaming! Combine my love for GG + Haute Couture + Fave City in the World + French Pop Soundtrack = the most perfect premiere episode EVER. The fashion, the drama, the cute French boys, the cute GG boys…Wait, Dan has a kid?…With Georgina?? I don’t think so buddy.

Thank goodness I know the real truth shall prevail and it’s only a matter of episodes before Serena and Lonely Boy are together at last {and hopefully together forever :D}.

In the meantime, I’m loving every second of Eric Daman’s master-class stylings of the best-looking, best-dressed besties in NYC…actually in all of TV land for that matter.


images via CW (indicated), Just Jared (otherwise)
On Serena:  Georges Chakra Couture Dress, On Blair:  Moschino Resort 2010 RTW Print Cherry Dress, Chanel Bag
On Blair: Chanel Tweed Jacket.  On Serena:  Haute Hippie Dress
On Serena: Suno Wide Leg Pants, Dries Van Noten Raffia Booties.  On Blair:  Oscar de la Renta Spring 2010 Peach Chiffon Dress
On Blair:  Bensoni Polka Dot Dress, On Serena: Emilio Pucci Spring 2010 Metallic Jacket, Tibi 2010 Spring Blue Pants
On Serena:  Haute Hippie Metallic Bowie Jacket, On Blair:  Maxime Simoens SS 2010 Dress
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  1. dood, S freaking has killer legs yo… And you rrrrrrr S. This episode has got me tuning in. Your house, my house or if needed missed episodes on my nice enhanced pc screen (Thanks Beez!) GG in Paris has got me wanting to revist the city of romance! Next year girl…I'm telling you… A trip just me and you and which ever one of our girls can make it:)

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