I’m such a p*ssy when it comes to Halloween.

And no, not of the black cat crossing your path furry feline type of All Hallows. The superstitions I can deal with, it’s more of the ghosts and goblins and spirits that psyche me out. I can’t even sit through a Paranormal Activity trailer without getting all scurred and perturbed that some partially wet, raven-haired poltergeist is skulking right behind me. And I really don’t care how Disneyland dresses up their Haunted Mansion during the holidays, it’s even more disturbing when scary Santa’s beckoning you from the graveyard, in lieu of swirling overhead sheets. OooOooh I’m getting chills just thinking about it.


But I swear the minute Halloween is glamorized to include Gothic detailing in a boudoir type of monumental church setting, I’m intrigued. Old, rundown, derelict cathedral sounds spooky enough as it is…but turned Belgium’s newest urban hotspot Spirito-Martini, Brussels’ answer to the modern nightclub?

Ooh la la all of a sudden I’m a sadist. S-M, a magical mansion of sorts complete with ominous corridors, dark and cozy corners, and of course dozens of blinged-out chandeliers to help light the way.


Sacrilegious?…Arguable. Stunning?…Absolutely!


Now if all haunted houses looked like this, I’d spook myself into passing those velvet ropes right onto the dance floor where I’d let just about anything creep up on me at this point…provided they’re VIP of course.


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