With New York Fashion Week coverage slowly creeping onto the West Coast, I’m fixing to completely upgrade my look from boho luxe to polished and chic.

Miroslava Style

Who is Miroslava Duma?

Having such a teeny tiny frame poses many-a-sartorial challenges but seeing as how the ultimate IT girl Miroslava Duma (former fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia) fills out fashion with the greatest of ease, I’m now totally inspired to do just that. High style, haute statements, rich colors, and fabulous frocks, Miroslava’s got “Glam Gamine” down pat with a wardrobe full of designer labels worn with fearless panache. Even considering chopping off my locks again for a complete transformation…

What do you think?  Should I or shouldn’t I???  …I mean, it’s ONLY hair, right???
How has NYFW inspired you to update your look for Fall?


  1. coincidence you mention her 'cause she's totally my latest stylecrush (look at the other people totally eyeing her).

    As for hair, yes…it's only hair but sometimes it's more than hair. Why don't you try to experiment with a faux-bob (your longer hair pinned under) to see if you would really like it (or try a wig)

    *MlleWanderlust *

  2. I have to agree, I've always been a fan of her bold style. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. She is always dress in a fearless and eccentric way, I love her style and I also agree that a chop or generally a transformation is always for good , so you should go for it!

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