I’ve always been such a fan of hippie-chic style.
A bonafide bohemian at heart, I adore everything from bell bottoms and flared sleeves, to feathered hair and sky-high platforms.
 I sometimes think I was supposed to experience the 70’s in all its free-spirited splendor, decorating the pad with shag rugs, lacquered furniture, bold color and my signature mixed prints. 

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Alas, I realize I’m the product of the 70’s and the 80’s combined: All out glamour done with a devil-may-care attitude. No wonder I have such an affinity for peacock chairs from that era:

Unapologetically gaudy, yet undoubtedly cool


Style: “120703_HMW_41_FOR_12_13”

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I’d say that’s the perfect combination, wouldn’t you?

Scored this peacock chair at my local Salvation Army for $25! Wooohooooo!

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Tell me, what’s your favorite era for fashion and design?




  1. I think peacock chairs are fun! Especially with the right accessories/pillows. I also like the option to have them painted a fun color, but natural would be my first choice.
    Great Salvation Army score!

  2. Funny enough, I've been seeing these types of chairs everywhere and never noticed that they were based off peacocks! Absolutely loving how fun and whimsical they are and I'm definitely going to be hunting for one to add to my living room now too. Thanks for sharing, Julie!

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  3. Me ha gustado tu bloc, he encontrado cosas muy interesantes, te invito a visitar el mío esta semana mesas marineras, restaurantes curiosos y una receta refrescante espero que te gusten mis propuestas y me encantaría que si no eres seguidora te hicieras para seguir compartiendo nuestros blogs

  4. You look divine in that long dress, seated on that peacock chair. I must admit I sort of forgot about the peacock chairs (and never knew they had a name) but I'm sure I always like them because once I single-handedly painted (with those paints that protect the wood) an old one (in my granny's house) to preserve it.

  5. Omg you look marvelous and I love these cool peacock chairs!!! I think the 50s is my favorite era. I love all the b&w movies and the fashion <3


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