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Food Porn Friday | Chateau Eza | French Riviera

There's nothing quite like dining in the sky. One meal at the famed
Octopus and steamed Lobster with Aioli sauce, small winter vegetables, shellfish

Assorted French pastries


Rue de la Pise
Eze Village
06360 France

Quiet, private and peacefully serene, the air of opulence could definitely intimidate some, but for us (while on our honeymoon, mind you) it was the perfect setting for romance and reverie.

Sitting at the meal, across from my love, with the Mediterranean Sea below us and the gorgeous lush hillside beyond, I swear I had little red hearts dancing from my goo-goo eyes y'all. Seriously, felt like I was dreaming, the experience was transcendental to say the least. But I'm often known to get lost in my thoughts and create some drama while I'm at it, lol.

Hey, what can I say? I'm an idealist, have we met??

Thank you for reading and ICYMI...
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Bon Appétit mes amis!