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Food Porn Friday- Bolsa by the Bowl: Phở Edition

Happy Friday hunnies! Hope everyone's staying warm out there! It's been quite chilly here in SoCal so there's NO better way to warm up than with everyone's favorite: Vietnamese Phở!

Peep out my local picks below and let me know if you've got some others that I just HAVE to try!

Phở 86: While most of the Phở joints in our hood are very Mom and Pop (think metal stacking chairs with peeling laminate tables), I have a special place in my heart for Phở 86's homey feel. Not only is it located within walking distance from mi casa, they serve the BEST Phở Ga (Chicken) in town with their claim-to-fame sticky-icky side dipping fish sauce that can't be beat. Something about the fresh garlic and ginger that clears up the sinuses and leaves me feeling super satiated after scarfing down the piping hot bowl. I order my Phở Ga with a side of meatballs for an extra kick. Their Phở Dac Biet (Combination Phở) is pretty bomb too, loaded with all beef goodness like rare filet and yummy chitlins. Plus they serve their beef noodles with a side of homemade spicy sate sauce to mix with the hoisin. Yummy!

14932 Bushard St.
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 775-1699

Phở Kimmy: My total GO-TO spot when I want Beef Noodles. Their beef broth is rich and savory, like it's been cooking in the pot for weeks on end (even though they bust these babies out daily). I don't even half mind the MSG overload, but be forewarned, MAJOR food coma induced following intake. I always order the Phở Bo Dac Biet with a side of pickled onions that I douse with extra sriracha for the added kick. There is NO other reason I'd dine at Phở Kimmy other than this bowl right here.
Warning: If you come anytime after 12pm, be prepared for a long ass wait in line and possibly even a shortage of broth by 2pm. It's happened to me twice already!

10141 Westminster Ave. Ste 5
Garden Grove, CA 92843
(714) 539-7979

Phở Lu: Someone once told me they had the best Phở Oxtail in town and sad to say, but I HIGHLY disagree. While their Phở Dac Biet is just ok (a tad oily for my taste), their Oxtail is sad and scrappy to say the least. I mean look at it, like it was month-old oxtail bone that they just found in the back of the freezer to thaw out and throw in the pot. Total PASS!

What about you?
Where are your FAVE places to eat Phở in your town?

TGIF dolls! Hope everyone's eatin' good in the hood this weekend!
Bon Appétit mes amis!