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Taiwan Photo Diary {Part I} Taste of Taipei

It has taken me exactly 9 days to FULLY recover from my Asia trip. Not quite sure if it's vacation blues that's lagging me down or the mere memory of the BEST.TRIP.EVER that's keeping me up nights, but rest assured I'm back y'all! And with TONS of Taiwan > Thailand posts lined up all month long!

Let's dig right in shall we?

{Made to order duck/ sausage/ egg breakfast burritos and sandwiches}

{The fattest, fluffiest street-side dumplings}

We started our 2-week long trip with a 5-day stop in Taipei, Taiwan, easily one of THE cleanest metropolitan cities I've ever encountered. Beautifully groomed streets free of litter, debris, and omnipresent stray dogs, COMPLETE and utter opposite of our time spent in China and Hong Kong early last year (seen HERE, HERE, and HERE).

{When in doubt, follow the line!}

I mean they literally don't even have public trash bins around! You have to traverse over the river and through the woods to track ‘em down y'all. That's saying a LOT for a city that boasts a population of just over 2.5 million people.

{Typical early morning spread of noodle soup, egg scrambles, stuffed scallion pancakes, fried flour and taro cubes}

Needless to say, street eats became wayyyyy more enticing as a result.

{Mini-market samplings serve up dried seasonings, fresh fruit, and le fiance's fave: Passion fruit juice! He had one every dang day, lol}

{85degrees ain't got NOTHIN' on their Premium Yamazaki Bakeries strewn throughout the indoor shopping can smell the fresh-baked goods from a mile away}

{Original TenRen Tea from Taipei...Love the formalities of Taiwanese Tea time}

{Tiny Izakaya bar serving up Japanese meat skewers}

{Saw some ducks hanging in a window and Boom!..We're in, lol}

{Flame-torched Tonkatsu Pork served with Miso-based ramen... Taiwanese peeps sure loves them some Japanese eats!}

{GANBEI! Translation: Bottoms UP!}

Just a teensy sample of everything we devoured along the way….

Come back all week for a Taste of Taipei luvahs!

Still so much to share from Day tours to Night life and of course can't forget the MILLIONS of Taiwan markets!

Thanks for tuning in!!